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V80ML designed for mobile use

The axial piston pump type V80ML-200 by HAWE InLine Hydraulik GmbH guarantees a new power density in its class. Working pressures up to 400 bar and peak pressures up to 450 bar are possible. Based on the previous engine of the V80M-200, the integrated impeller pump leads to a speed-up from 2150 up to 2500 revolutions per min. So this pump performs up to 500 l/min and achieves a motor capacity of 370 kW.

The pump is built directly on the combustion engine or a transfer case using a variety of available flange and shaft combinations. A very compact design including the new controller varieties sets new standards.

The materials and the balanced interaction of the components make a continuous service under heavy circumstances possible and have a very low mass moment in the drive train. Designed for best performance, the V80ML-200 is used in heavy duty mobile construction machine.

The reliable engine and regulation system provides an excellent level of efficiency in a broad scale of pressure, rotation and volume stream. A minimum of heat loss reduces the fuel consumption of the machine significantly.

This pump is available with controller for pressure, load sensing and power resp. torque.

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