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New ISO certificate

Certification of our company according to the rules of DIN ISO9001 nowadays is a matter of course. And we can see improvement in this rules and standards as well: DIN ISO9001 has been reworked and modernized: latest update is not the version from 2008 anymore, but the status from 2015.

This latest version is more focused on tools for risk-evaluation instead of simple documentation of own processes. This was our motivation to use the well-known analysis by FMEA and ISHIKAWA not only in design process, but in the whole organization. With this proceeding we improved our company under the guidance of our QMB, Mr. Guang Yang, since several months.

According to some investigations from VDMA and QZ only 1/3 of all German machine-building companies want to install the new regulations DIN ISO9001:2015 within this year (time limit is until 2018), but we successfully passed our audit in September already. Moreover HAWE InLine Hydraulik GmbH is the first company within Hengli group certified according to latest version.

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