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Service – Dependable throughout the world

Service – Dependable throughout the world

Reliability and safety – the two leading features of our pumps. We complement these characteristics with our range of services: as we are integrated into the worldwide service network of HAWE Hydraulik, we can provide support for our pumps throughout their service life.
As part of our reliability, we guarantee availability of spares even at the end of a product’s service life: we even supply replacement units for VOLVO pumps that are 30 years old and save our customers the cost of expensive conversions of their systems. Marine customers, in particular, appreciate this service.

HAWE service technicians will support you wherever you are: whether on land or on water.

HAWE’s range of services includes:

  • Expert commissioning and start-up
    (setting up, installing, connecting and adjusting the hydraulic system, instruction on the system, documentation, training)
  • Inspection to establish and assess the current condition
    (recording of the current condition, recommendation of action to be taken, documentation)
    Servicing to maintain the intended condition
    (replacement of wear parts, cleaning, parameter adjustment, functional testing)
  • Maintenance to restore the intended condition
    (cleaning of components, replacement of parts, functional testing)
  • Troubleshooting
    (location, diagnostics, analysis of faults, restoration of function, detailed report of findings)
  • Conversions

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