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  1. With our range of products in the high-pressure sector, we are one of the few manufacturers of axial piston pumps who can cover almost any application in open circuits.
  2. The basis for our design is the superior efficiency of our pumps. High power density and wide variety are also integral features of our products.
  3. With our value creation depth of about 70 percent, we are also able to deliver this variety in terms of production – and to do so quickly.


Designed for heavy continuous use under difficult conditions. The design of this heavy-duty pump is extremely robust…


Designed for heavy continuous use in mobile working machines. This heavy-duty pump also impresses with its long service life


Generates hydraulic power on the auxiliary drive of a goods vehicle almost as a side-effect – with no separate auxiliary assembly.


Variable displacement axial piston pumps adjust the geometric delivery volume from maximum to zero.


The axial piston pump type V80ML-200 by HAWE InLine Hydraulik GmbH guarantees a new power density in its class. 

Electro closed loop

Universal electro-hydraulic control with microprocessor for variable axial piston pumps.