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“We focus on one thing above all:
the requirements of our customers.“

Mr. Gonschior, HAWE InLine Hydraulik has an extremely long history behind it. Does that still play a part today or is it just the requirements of the globalized market that shape the company?

» Of course, the challenges are different today from those that we faced last century. But our long history and varied experience help us to manage changes and even allow us to draw new strength from them.

Our tradition is also an obligation for us. Remember that the first power controllers in the world came from our company. Only with these products was it possible to use adjustable pumps for mobile applications. Our aim remains to be a driver of innovation and to take the possible applications for axial piston pumps forward. «

Where do you see the comparative strengths of products from HAWE InLine Hydraulik?

» On the one hand, they are in the breadth of our range. We don’t just have one series for a specific application, but offer several series with a wide range of options and models for all applications in open circuits. What this combination of options actually means in practice can best be illustrated by two examples. With our V30D series, we can deal with any control tasks, whether actuation is mechanical, hydraulic or electrical. We have also applied the same principle to our V60N goods-vehicle pumps. We are therefore the only provider who can offer this wide range of auxiliary drives for trucks. Or to look at it a different way: with the V60N series, we have learned to accommodate the greatest possible hydraulic power in the smallest space, because there is no room for any other sort of pump under a trucks. Thanks to this design, our latest heavy-duty pump, the V80M, also has the highest power density.

In addition, all of our series are characterized by their outstanding efficiency and robust, reliable configuration. Our V30E, V80M and V60N mobile pumps are also capable of high speeds, whereas with the V30D industrial pumps greater emphasis is placed on versatility.

And last but not least, it has been shown that our efficiency is five percent higher by comparison. Or to put it another way: that means not only five percent lower diesel consumption, but also a similarly high saving of losses in cooling performance. We have observed and confirmed this degree of efficiency in cycle times, too, showing that our pumps are simply faster because they deliver more power. «

Your sales partners are HAWE and Hengli, Mr. Gonschior. How does that collaboration work and how does it benefit your customers?

» The benefits to our customers become apparent if you take a look at a map of the world: with the two strong sales organizations of HAWE and Hengli, we have almost every corner of the world covered. HAWE is our worldwide sales partner and it allows us to provide our customers with international expertise in axial piston pumps. Our owner Hengli takes care of China and of certain large original equipment manufacturers – here, too, extensive support and advice is thus guaranteed on the ground.

But the global strategic partnership between Hengli and HAWE goes further than that: we provide our customers with access to the product range of the other respective partner, in other words to valves and cylinders, which allows us to cover the whole hydraulic system: from power generation with pumps, through to power distribution with valves, through to power transmission with cylinders. «

Dipl.­ Ökonom Andreas Gonschior, who has a degree in economics, has been CEO of HAWE InLine Hydraulik GmbH since 1999, having previously held leading positions with manufacturers of tool machines and heating devices. Even during his studies at Hanover University he specialized in production technology.
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